The benefits of meditation go beyond de-stressing the mind;

meditation actually expands the mind. 

It gives us insight and illumination.

It builds wisdom and compassion

It goes a long way towards making us to people we wish to be.


Marianne Williamson - The Law of Divine Compensation


Gillian's CD


Meditation is a wonderful way to connect to Spirit and the Angels to gain inner peace, harmony, understand who you really are as well as to achieve your heart's desire.  Gillian's meditations are designed to enhance your connection to Spirit.


You may gain a deeper sense of well being as well as feel more empowered; its health benefits are well documented.  

·        Meditations for inner peace and harmony with the Angels CD

Meditations for inner peace and harmony with the Angels

Gillian’s voice blends with Thaddeus’ music (www.orindaben) create just the right ambience for meditation

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 (These meditations should not be played in the car, or whilst operating machinery. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Turn your phone off, sit in a comfortable chair with your feet firmly on the floor, and have a glass of water at hand if desired. Make sure you are going to be warm enough since you will be relaxing.)