• Communication with your loved ones in Spirit: proof of survival £30 (see below)
  • Life's Paths reading with Angel Tarot Cards and Spirit Communication (if desired) £40/£45 (see below)
  • Parties (see below for further details)

Communication with your loved ones in Spirit

This session concentrates on connecting you to your loved ones in Spirit, who come through not just to provide evidence of their survival in 'the Higher Life', but also to give you the support you need to move forward in your life. Each sessions lasts approximately 30mins

This is a bit like a three way communication system set up through Gillian to connect you to the other side of life.

Your loved ones will very often come through to tell you they are okay on the other side, and no longer in pain and suffering but may also share memories of the happy times you spent together, to uplift you in difficult times.

The connection is always loving, caring and supportive. Please bring along a photo of your loved ones, which Gillian prefers to see after the session is complete.

Session costs £30

Life's Path with Angel Tarot, with some Spirit Communication if required

These sessions are intended for people who feel they are at a crossroads in life, and would like some Spiritual Guidance to help them move forward in a positive direction. They may therefore point out patterns that have held you back in the past, particularly where relationships are concerned. These sessions can be deeply healing and enlightening.

There are a number of ways the session could work, depending on your individual needs. Gillian has a very close connection with the Angels and allows them to inspire her to help you move forward.

These sessions are not fortune telling, but intended to empower you so that you can make more informed choices, looking at possibilities.

These readings are either 45 mins or 60 mins long according to your needs.

Party bookings

Gillian offers party bookings for up to 8 people.(min. people attending 5) in Hemel Hempstead, and the outskirts.

The party hostess reading is complimentary for holding the evening. Please bear in mind, you will need to provide a separate, private space for the medium to work in, if offering private readings.

These readings are taster sessions of either 15 or 20 minutes long depending on your needs, £15/£20 per person (depending on length of reading, agreed beforehand with Gillian and your hostess)
Each guest will receive a private reading.

Minimum fee for evening £75, (deposit required)

Group Party Booking

If you prefer a group party booking, (everyone in the room) Gillian offers readings for no more than 6 people at £10 each. (you will receive a reading of around 10 mins each)

Minimum fee for evening £60 (deposit required)

Further information

1. All readings (apart from party bookings) are available at Gillian’s home in Hemel Hempstead

2. By phone (deposit required to hold your session). Please note you are responsible for making the call.

3. Skype (deposit required to hold your session)

To book an appointment: 01442 246407/07929474349